The Thorneywork Group at the Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge: Soft Matter and Biological Physics

We use soft matter physics to solve fundamental problems drawn from a diverse range of fields, from condensed matter physics to biology.  To achieve this we build novel experimental model systems that allow us to probe complex phenomena at the micro and nanoscale, exploiting a range of techniques, including microfluidics, optical tweezing, colloidal suspensions and DNA nanotechnology .  Our current focus is to understand the role of molecular fluctuations in transport processes, such as those occurring in  biological membrane channels, with broader relevance to filtration and sensing technologies. 

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ERC Starting Grant success

Exciting news for the new year! Our group has been awarded an ERC Starting Grant! The project aims to investigate the origins of noise and fluctuations in soft systems driven out of equilibrium using a unique combination of state-of-the-art experimental model systems. These will exploit a huge range of techniques including colloids, microfluidics, optical tweezers, …

Polymer adsorption in nanopores paper out now in PRL

Our recent ArXiv paper exploring how careful analysis of ionic current fluctuations can be used to probe polymer adsorption in nanopores has a new home in PRL! Super excited to see this appear as the result of a fantastic cross-disciplinary collaboration.