I am a Royal Society University Research Fellow  at the Cavendish Laboratory and Postdoctoral By-Fellow at Churchill College, University of Cambridge.

My research  focus is soft matter physics, and in particular, exploiting the properties of soft condensed matter- in particular, its slowness and ‘seeability’- to build novel experimental model systems at the micro and nanoscale.  These model systems provide unique insight into a range of fundamental problems, with a current focus on understanding molecular fluctuations and transport processes. 

Before coming to Cambridge in 2016, I completed my undergraduate degree in Chemistry and DPhil in Physical and Theoretical Chemistry at Christ Church, University of Oxford.   Here, my doctoral work in the group of Prof. Roel Dullens focused on the use of colloidal model hard sphere systems to probe the structure, dynamics and phase behaviour of two-dimensional materials. This work led to me receiving the 2019 RSC Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics Group (SMTG) Young Scientist Award.