New paper in Nanotechnology

Our new paper looking at the noise in rectifying and non-rectifying nanopores has just appeared online.

Here,  we studied the behaviour of conical glass nanopores as components in ionic circuits, showing that while net conduction is bulk dominated, the low frequency noise is surface dominated. 

Summer conferences

Alice presented work on analysing first passage time distributions to uncover energy landscapes in talks at the 5th International Soft Matter Conference in Edinburgh (June 2019) and the ‘Transport Phenomena in Complex Environments’ conference in Erice, Sicily (September 2019). 

Alice wins 2019 SMTG Young Scientist Award

Alice has won the 2019 RSC Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics Group (SMTG) Young Scientist Award for her experimental work on the two-dimensional melting of colloidal hard spheres (PRL 118, 158001 (2017)). The prize is awarded for ‘exceptional contributions in the field of statistical mechanics and thermodynamics’ and was awarded in recognition of her experimental resolution of a decades-old debate. She will give her Award Lecture during the Annual Meeting of the SMTG group in Manchester, 9-11 January 2019.