Publications are like buses… new papers in Science Advances and Phys. Rev. E

In a very exciting week three new papers have  now appeared online!  

In Science Advances, ‘Direct detection of molecular intermediates from first-passage times’ discusses a method to reveal details of energy landscapes from analysis of dynamic properties. Some exciting experimental collaborations with the Bayley group (University of Oxford) and Ritort group (University of Barcelona) and with theorist Anatoly Kolomeisky (Rice University) allowed us to demonstrate how our method can be used to count intermediate states across a diverse range of systems – colloids, biological nanopores and DNA hairpins- which differ in their timescales, length scales and interactions.  

‘Generalized network theory of physical two-dimensional systems’ (online here) also considers how a single analysis links many different systems (here from molecular materials, to colloids to geopolitical regions (!)), this time with respect to the structure of networks describing them. Exciting to have contributed our data to this paper from the Wilson group (University of Oxford). 

Finally, bringing the focus back to colloids, ‘Long-time self-diffusion in quasi-two-dimensional colloidal fluids of paramagnetic particles’ explores the effect (or non-effect…) of hydrodynamic interactions in colloidal monolayers of particles with long-range interactions.  More fascinating work with collaborators Nima Siboni and J├╝rgen Horbach. 


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